JJ 243

I have a JJ245 preamp, with a 24 K golf plated top cover, how do I clean it from years of sitting, and not removing or damaging the lettering?  Thank you, I am thinking of selling it, so I would like to clean it up.  Thank you,

24K gold? It depends somewhat on if it really is gold, and if it is just gold or if there's a clear coat.

If you're not sure and can't find out then use the conservative approach one would use for cleaning and bringing original gloss back to automotive paint.

Only in your case with electronics remove the top or use masking tape or be very very careful.

Make yourself a cleaning solution of Car Wash (gentle) or dish detergent if you don't have that. Get a bunch of clean soft microfiber towels. Fold and wipe gently a small area at a time with a motion that lifts the dirt away as you wipe. Be turning the towel like this constantly so only clean towel comes in contact with the top. Its better to go over the same area 4 or 5 times than try and get it all at once. Be gentle and be patient. This is how you avoid scratches.

Once its clean look at it under a bright light. You should be able to see a lot of very fine scratches. You should be able to tell at this point if its paint or gold. 

If its painted clear coat then either you are done or you want to make it gleam like new. To gleam like new, use paint cleaning clay if you know about that, or a very fine polish (Griot's Machine 4 or Fine Hand Polish) and then wax.

If its gold then very gently polish with Nev-R-Dull. Use a very clean and soft microfiber to finish. 

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oops, meant to say 24k gold "plated".  or at least that is what description says.

Thank's that is great info.  Will try your recommendations. 

Thank you,