JJ Cale dies...

JJ Cale dies of a heart attack at age 74. Very sad. He was a great talent.
I was saddened...

Someone who I got to know when I was getting into high end hi-fi. Troubadour and 5 were two releases of his I'm particularly fond of. His all around contribution to music will be missed.
Sad to hear him leave us. What a great musician and prolific songwriter. Saw him in Montreal in the late 70s.
I've discovered a few of Cale's recordings just in recent years and have enjoyed them a lot. Still a lot to dig into there for me. He has done a lot over the years yet is not well known. His music reminds me of kind of a poor mans Mark Knopfler, and I mean that in a very good way. Sorry to hear he is now gone.
JJ was 99 percent talent and 1 percent hype.
I don't think you find a guy like that playing today.

Heard about his death while watching a String Cheese Incident concert on sat TV. "Naturally" is one of my all time favorite albums of any period, both for the amazing sound quality audiophile wise as well as the music. May he rest in peace.
RIP...another great artist lost, great writer and performer. The next stop must have one hell of a band!
I wish I could express, appropriately, what his passing signifies. I can only say that his music and influence will be timeless. So many others have taken credit for his works. I, will know every time I play one of his (lps), that he will continue to bring me just as much enjoyment as he did the first time I listened to him.
Hey Ruggie. Just noticed this post. I had a friend at that Montreal concert who said JJ went to a local club afterward and was quite cool. At that time I didn't care for references to cocaine, or those around it, still don't I guess--caused way too many problems. But he did have some good music, even 'cocaine'.