JJ 300 B tubes or others ?

Hi, Folks,

I'm looking for a pair of 300 B's for my ANK Kit 1 amp, something that'll be a step (or two) up from the stock Shuguang's that came with the kit.

How are the JJ 300 B's from Slovakia? I've seen them at good prices. Any other suggestions? Let's say the budget is $300 or less.

The Shuguang BTs are pretty good and can be purchased right now from PartsConnexion for about $279, IIRC.
Hi Reb,
I will agree with Swampy. I started out with the same tubes as you in my kit, and the Black Treasures would be hard to beat at that price. I put in the originals just for the heck of it recently, and they sounded anemic by comparison. Less body, and thinner bass notes, plus more of a feeling of left, right, center, as opposed to a more filled-in wall of sound.
I know from Charles and others that the higher end tubes like Tataksuki and others are considerably better, but again, at this price, it's a great upgrade.
I agree, the Black Treasures would be hard to beat at that price. I own a pair in addition to many others.
Pretty much any tube that replaces the JJ will be an improvement. I was very unimpressed with JJ300B tubes. The Shuguang BT represent the best value for the $ right now and are well made, unlike the JJ.
At your stated price point you won't do better than the Black Treasure tubes(BT) IMO. When the BT was first available for sale they were 600.00 per pair from Grant Fidelity. Given their performance at that time(2009) they were worth it relative to the 300b market then. They sound very good and are quite reliable with very good construction. The JJ is in a lower tier.
Charles and everyone,
Nice to have a clear consensus. I'm upgrading the rectifier and remaining signal tubes in my Kit 1. The 300 B's will be next. Nice to have a path mapped out.
Thanks again!
By the way, seems that Grant Fidelity is out of the tube business... at least I cannot find a link to tubes on their site. Happy to be corrected if I'm mistaken.
I believe that PartsConnexion is selling (perhaps bought) Grant Fidelity's stock of tubes. Their recent advertising is cut and pasted from Grant Fidelity. Or check w member Trelja; I believe he also sells the BTs.
Haven't heard the Black Treasures, but I am enjoying the Genelec Gold Lions in my Parallel SET mono's quite a bit.
Michael (Swampwalker), thank you for the nod!

According to the last price sheet I have, the $280/pair Shuguang Black Treasure 300B at PartsConnexion comes within a hair of the price direct from the factory to wholesalers. I recommend anyone interested in these tubes to jump on that deal with haste.