JL Audio Fathom F112 wiring question

So I received a new driver for my F112 last night. Unbelievably I did NOT take a picture of the wires connected to the driver BEFORE I unplugged them (I am really anal about that kind of thing and was genuinely stumped when I couldn't find a picture in my phone).

JL was nice enough to have a Blue and a White wire coming off the amp board (??), and a standard Red (+) and Black (-) terminals on the driver.

Anyone know which one is which coming from the amp board?

I plan on asking JL, but since its the weekend I wont get a response until Monday or Tuesday and I thought I would ask the gang first...

The wire that traces to the ground plane(by inspection or using an ohmmeter) is negative.  Alternatively, just toggle the polarity switch to find the best sound.
funny - that was my first thought but from some reason neither wire had zero resistance (or almost zero) - one was definitely higher than the other, but neither was a direct connection. I don't know enough about amp wiring to know the significance of that..
Got a response from JL Audio.
It was backwards from the way I guessed it to be:


The white wire is positive and the blue is negative.
The red connector is positive and the black connector is negative.


Randy Wagner
Technical Support Specialist

Hopefully someone else needs this info one day!
Thanks to all.
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