John Rutan of Audio Connection does it again!

Many here are familiar with John Rutan who owns Audio Connection in Verona New Jersey. I used to live a couple of hours away and had bought a few things there over the years as well as having very pleasurable listening sessions and conversations with John. 

I live in Arizona now, and I was in the process of trying to decide between the purchase of two different used amplifiers. I got up this morning, and it occurred to me that I might contact him through his store's website, so I sent a message through the site, thinking he might send a written response in a couple of days. Ten minutes later, my phone rang, and it was John. He helped me make the decision that I was mulling, and I now feel confident in my choice.

I think that's pretty amazing, and it gave me a great feeling. Thank you, John, for your help through the years and all that you have done for others. I'm sure there will be others here that have shared similar experiences with John.


John is great to deal with.  I bought my Quicksilver headphone Amp from him.  

Johnny R is on speed dial ! Dude is legend for great knowledge and service. I’ve a package going to him tomorrow in the outgoing post ;-) ….

It is always great when you can find a dealer that you can trust and be your friend even if you do not buy anything from them.  Someday you might and you will always remember the people who help you.  

Roxy - you were at my house a couple of years ago.  What did you end up buying?  I have an all-new system.