John Strohbeen from Ohm Acoustics passed away

Hello everyone ….

I wanted to share with everyone that John Strohbeen passed away …. I just left his memorial service at BWAC (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition). John’s passion project ( other then Ohm).

My condolences to his friends and family and to all the audiophiles in the world … I think the attached video says it all …..

To the Ohm community he gave us all the gift of what he would say “seeing the music …”

Missing my friend everyday ..


Sometimes Digital Evangelist at Ohm Acoustics


@bsohne I do remember you and your enthusiasm at that show and recall having a nice demo and chat with you and JS for about 45 minutes or so. First time ever meeting JS and first time ever I heard Ohm demo at a high end audio show, so overall it was a very special hifi moment for me.


The spliced wires rings a bell.........that's blasphemy at a high end audio show for sure!   Well done!

Such sad news. John was a mensch and a delight to deal with. I was one of those who found errors (and made editorial suggestions) in the Ohm beta website, and got the discount on new speakers. I had a pair of Ohm Walsh 2s that I wanted to upgrade with new cans. John said, "Well, we meant the discount to go towards a pair of new speakers, but for you I'll discount just the cans." And that is how I got my Ohm Walsh 2000s, which retain pride of place in my main stereo system. I always admired and respected John's relentless and persistent refinement of his rather idiosyncratic vision of audio technology and the listener's experience. I do hope Ohm can keep going in his absence, knowing how extraordinarily difficult that will be. Thanks for the good listening, John.

I'm very sad to hear about this! I've been following Ohm Acoustics for many years now, hoping to someday own a pair of their legendary speakers. I hear that John was a great person to work with when you needed support with their products.

Does anybody have any update on the status of the company? I finally ordered a pair of their Walsh 2000s last week, but I can't get in touch with them. Every line of communication with them is silent (phone, email, social media).