Jolida 502a and Klipsch Forte

I'm a longtime music lover and only just recently started seeking out high quality stereo equipment. I habitually watch Craigslist for all kinds of things and just got a killer deal on a Jolida 502a integrated amp and a killer pair of 1989 Klipsch Fortes. The Jolida has stock tubes and I've connected it to the speakers with standard 12 gauge speaker wire that I had lying around. My only current source, I'm sorry to say, are high quality MP3s playing from my MacBook Pro.

I have a decent turntable and a large collection of vinyl, but I don't have a ton of money to spend and I'm at a bit of a crossroads: Where should I put my next investment? A decent phono preamp? Speaker cable? Better tubes? A quality CD player and a bunch of used CDs?
I mostly listen to rock, jazz and classical (especially strings and piano). More specifically I'm wondering if y'all see an obvious weak link in my existing system. There are so many points that need improvement that it's hard to know where to start given that I'm working with a limited budget.

Also please excuse me for using the word 'killer' twice in a single post (let alone a single sentence).

Thanks for your help.
Hi Saulgold,

I got a JD502 for a really good price and in my opinion it can go from a nice amp to a really good amp with a little work. Tubes and power cord will make a nice difference but you would be shocked with some new coupling caps and few strategically placed good resistors will have. Here is a nice thread from Dave Ellis. I learned a lot and I have a truly nice amp now. The Klipsch are easy to drive. I can use both KT-88/ EL-34's now and either would drive the Klipsch nicely. Good luck
Not sure what you mean by a "decent" turntable, but if I were in your shoes:
I'd look to get my source up to the level of my amp and speakers. Assuming your table is good enough, a decent used phono pre will set you back less than $200 (even less).
Then maybe a decent new (or almost new) cartridge assuming the one you have may be old and neglected.
Then I'd make sure my room was treated at least somewhat. Don't overlook the room.
Then I'd start to look at less critical things like tubes, cables, upgrading the amp and such.
I'm sorry I responded late late night and didn't read the post very well. Sebrof is correct. You need to concentrate on your source first. Since the Jolida does not have a phono stage you would need one of those and possibly a cartridge? Or you could get a D/A converter with USB and use your MAC. I would start there and use some decent cables before upgrading your amp.
That's great advice, thanks! Is there a particular phono preamp you have in mind that I should keep my eyes out for? I don't know of any good options at that price.
I no longer am using LP's since moving over seas and my last Audio Research preamp had built in phono stage. I would put another post up looking for a phono stage and state the price range you are willing to pay. Also mention if you have an MM or MC cartridge. You should get some good advice. A nice phono stage really is sweet.