JBL L65 vs Forte III vs Cornwall IV

Any thoughts on which of these options sounds best to you? I have the JBLs, they’ve been well maintained and sound very good but, after 42 years, am kicking around the idea of moving them to my workshop if either of the Klipsch is a jaw-dropping step up.

Listening preferences are all over the map but jazz/blues/non-metal pop/rock predominantly....very little classical/bluegrass/country.

Listening space is less than ideal - one end of an “open” floor plan with speakers on long wall...usable listening space is 12.5’ x 16’. With the L65s, my listening position is 9-10 foot from speakers.

Amp is a PrimaLuna Prologue Classic integrated, currently running stock preamp section tubes and GL KT 77s.

Thanks in advance.
I have not heard the JBLs, but I have owned the Forte IIIs and now own the CW IV. Since you are positioning the speakers on the long wall and can sit 10 ft away, I would say go for the Cornwalls. The Fortes are great speakers too, but the CW beats them in most every respect.


JBL65 Jubal's will kill any Klipch for sheer musicality! You'd be foolish to relegate them to your workshop! You would be trading listenability for loudness! 
You’ve heard Cornwall IVs or just making assumptions based on something you heard years ago?
I had the privilege of owning a pair of L65's from 1978 until 2009.
Had to sell them due to a job loss along with my Marantz 2285.....
I'm sorry I did.
My advice....Keep them!  Most likely they need surrounds, unless you have already replaced them.
They sound better than Klipsch, which are a bit 'tinny' in my opinion.
Put them where you wish, but don't sell them!
I’ve had them all. I miss the jubals the most. Just a great speaker with those crystal slot tweeters. Too bad I sold them. At least my buddy bought them and loves them. 
I agree with Ozzy. Go with the CW speakers. You might need to add a sub to keep the low end of the JBLs. You will be happier with the detail out of the Klipsch CW. If you buy the Forte line you will wish you had upgraded to the CWs in a couple months. Both are good near the wall. BTW, sell the JBLs instead of keeping as a garage speaker. I’m sure you can find some old pioneers for $100 to throw in your garage. 
The original poster mentioned “workshop,” which may be a lot nicer and climate controlled vs a garage. I am betting he spends some quality time out there , hence the need for some 42 yr old JBL soeakers. Sounds like a good idea to me! 
Another vote for the Cornwall IVs. I too listen to a very wide range of music; classical, jazz, world, electronic, ultra heavy... The Cornwalls do it all with deep, tight bass to rich mid-range to sparkling highs. They'll sing with your amp!

Like any quality speakers, room and placement makes a big difference but you can't go wrong with them if you love horns, at the price they sell for. I scored mine brand new for $5k and love them.
I have a pair of Bob Crites cornscala’s type “c” that I’m very happy with. I’m running them with a Bob Latino st-120 and a Vincent as-t7. Sounds amazing 
Yeah I figured these naysayers have never heard the current version of klipsch heritage speakers. Even older models sound better when properly dialed in with good electronics in front of them. I’m sure most have only heard them driven with cheap SS crap and come to a “conclusion”. Seems par around here.......’

Workshop/ garage is my favourite listening room hence Quad 57s at height for me standing- also the only place big enough for the speakers ( in fact the acoustics are really good in there- big square heated room with rubber floor mats and MGB in the middle, bike parts and tools filling shelving all the way round. Can also up the volume if the mood takes me. Why would you put crap/ cheap and possibly cheerful in somewhere where you'll probably spend as much time listening with no interruptions.
My vote is for the Cornwalls. I bought mine earlier this year and love them! I relegated some Goldenear Triton 5’s and two JL Audio subs into storage after I got these bad boys. I think they sound great with Jazz and Rock Both. Happy Hunting!! 
I still love my JBL L65s.  They are not the jubals.  They have little chew marks on them from my first daughter when she was teething.  Just the right height for her to stand against. New surrounds and capacitors and they sing.   However they are in my basement rig and Maggies in my main system.  
 I went yesterday to a local audio shop  and listened to the Forte III, La Scala, Focal Aria 948 and the Sonus  F Sonetto 8 speakers. I bought the Klipsch Heresy IV’s about 7 months ago and rotate w/ Magnapan LRS running a Luxman 505uXII and alternating with a Cary SLI-100 
I thought the Heresy IV’s sounded better than both the Forte and La Scala, just my listening preference. The Focal has too much bass for me and the Sonetto sounded the best out of these four, at least to me. Give the Heresy IV’s a listen. You might just be pleasantly surprised 
@lg1, my listening space sounds very similar to yours. (Square footage, long wall placement, open concept at one end).
I have space for large, wide, but not very deep speakers. Of those you list, the Cornwall IV would be my choice, but would urge you to also consider their British cousin, the Tannoy Legacy Arden. Same physical size as the Cornwall IV, with a different driver approach. They can found through some UK dealers at pricing similar to the Cornwall.