Jolida JD707A vs. MF A3.5 or Creek 5350SE

I really like the sound of my JD707A paired with Titus ES monitors in my relatively small room, 12X12. Just love the low volume dynamics and the soundstage. My primary interest in music is: M.Davis, O.Peterson, D.Krall, C.Corea, Cassandra Wilson, some (15%) F.Zappa, M.Knopfler, LZ and the Doors. I never got a chance to play with SS int. amp like A3.5 or Creek and put it against my little amp. Regardless the money, would you recommend that move, or is it a waste of time and money ? I would really appreciate your input in this matter. PS. I like my Titus ES, great speakers. Thanks.
You are comparing apples and oranges by comparing tubes and solid state amplifiers. You very much like the Jolida/ Titus combo ... why change it? Since I changed from solid state amps to tubes, I have gotten hooked on tubes. I don't find myself tempted to change.

Regards, Rich
Why?.... you know the grass is always greener. I have Yamaha DSP-A1, some people say it is a decent one. In my opinion, it doesnÂ’t come even closed to my tube gear, just different league. I was afraid that all SS amps are closer to my DSP-A1 sound. ...or maybe Triangle Titus just love tubes. I guess what I really need is a remote controlled tube amp, like PL DiaLouge One or Two. Thanks Rich, for now I will apologies my tube amp.