Jonathan Wilson "Gentle Spirit" Lp

Has anyone heard this? I thought I'd bring it to light as a very good album just to sit back and chill. Soak it all in..... relax... yeah! Listening to it reminds me of "If I Could Only Remember My Name" in a lot of ways. Probably without the hallucinogens. Whether that's good or bad, I'll leave that up to you. Check it out.
I am listening to samples on Amazon right now and it sounds nice. His Frankie Ray is good too (what few samples I heard on Utube)

Good easy Laural Canyon lp. He's the goto guy. Dawes records with him and all. Played nyc a few weeks back. He was ok. I wanted more I guess.
Fantastic. Have had since it came out six months ago. Can highly recommend it, although not at the same bar as the first artists. Saw him with David Crosby and Jackson Browne.