Joseph Audio RM33si vs. Coincident Super Eclipse

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Has anyone compared the Joseph Audio RM33si with the Coincident Super Eclipse or the Total Eclipse. Any opinions? I'm also interested in whether anyone has compared them with respect to the size of there sweet spot. Like rainbows, music is much more enjoyable to share with someone.

How about if we add the Sonus Faber speakers to the choices? Does anyone have an opinion?
Why don't you post this in the forum? You will likely get more responses there.

I would be very careful with CT's Israel Blum. He sent me a pair of Triumphs speakers with cabinet flaws & would not take them back. Since he's in Canada, I had little recourse. I sent them back to him at my expense & he refused them and I got stuck with them. Another guy caught him making non-production upgrades to a speaker that was being auditioned for an article. This guy is bad news.
I had a pair of SE IIIs for a brief period, and I do mean brief. When I pulled one of the drivers out, what did I see? A Scanspeak 4" midrange as advertised? Nope, an Audax. Whassup with that?

On 03-30-07: Ozzy62 writes:
When I pulled one of the drivers out, what did I see? A Scanspeak 4" midrange as advertised?
You should have seen a SEAS Excel 5" carbon fibre cone driver.

The writer complaining about receiving Triumphs with cabinet flaws and then sending them back- The only instance of a customer wanting to send back a pr of Triumphs happened in 1998 after he had the speakers for 2 months. Until then, he was sufficiently impressed that he inquired whether we would allow him to become a dealer.

As for Super Eclipses with a 4" midrange driver- The only midrange used in the Supers is 5.25" . Up to Series III, it was a SEAS Excel with a magnesium cone. Series III saw a change to an Audax carbon fiber.

You are correct, it is a 5.25" driver, a typo on my part. However, this is directly from the website:

>Midrange/woofers: (Super Eclipse III)

Only the finest 5" carbon fiber cone units were deemed appropriate and were therefore selected. These SEAS sourced drivers are part of their state of the art Excel line. Excel combines the best designs with SEAS' experience in material technology and production.<
Hey Ozzy, So... what was the verdict on the SE III? Did you think that they sounded good?
I have a new question too. I have about $5,000.00 to spend on used speakers. I'm deciding between the Joseph, Coincident, Von Schweikerts and a pair of Sonus Faber Cremonas. Any thoughts on these choices?

They were nice enough, but I would never pay full retail for them. I paid half that on the used market and feel that there is far better to be had in that price range. Bottom line is that they are good speakers, not great ones. And they had difficulty filling my 26 x 15.5 room. My now departed VS VR4 III HSEs made them sound like toys. So I guess you could say I was less than impressed.

If I were shopping again with your budget, I would consider that used pair of custom Montana speakers that are on the Gon right now. 11K retail going for 4K. And I DO love the sound of any Montana I have heard.

Hey Oz,

I almost bought a pair of Sonus Cremonas last night, but the seller (who was very honest) told me that he was sorry that he sold his Cremona Auditors. He said that they were much better than the full range in almost every way. Especially with respect to imaging. He said that the Auditors also had a much larger sweet spot. Actually, I think that he plans on selling his Cremonas and buying Cremona Auditors.
I have owned all of those speakers above, except for the Joseph 33. However, i do own the Rm 25s. I would take the Joseph audio without question.
Hi Zane,

I think that I've finally ruled out the Joseph Speakers. You wouldn't believe the level of crappy service that I've received for the past 10 weeks from this manufacturer. I'll expand on this later.
By crappy 'service' are you referring to actually owning Joseph speakers and not getting good backing from the manufacturer or are you just unhappy about his level of cooperation with you in a quest for info about his stuff?
Hey! I need to scratch the comment on crappy service. Apparently, the guys over at Joseph are really overwhelmed. It seems like they need more than 24 hours in there days. That being said, when they found the crack that my problems and communicatios had fallen through, they addressed them and sealed the crack.