JPS Aluminata ic/sc

Now that I have heard them in my set-up, it's tempting to believe if there are any other cables that will sound significantly better & not just different. FYI, this is in comparison to Cardas GR ic & GC speaker cables.

Any of you have auditioned/heard the Aluminatas & thought there are others worth considering?

...i have both the i/cs and 5 pcs in my system and tried many in the same ballpark before deciding to keep the 'aluminatas'..i am sure there are other cables that would sound different and change the sound but i doubt there are meny that would do all that the 'aluminatas' do vary,of course.they are truely superb.
Having just upgraded from the really excellent Cardas Golden Reference, I couldn't agree more.

The JPS really seem to be the last cable upgrade for me. Of course, as with any top of the line cable, make sure that the rest of the system is just as well balanced to get the best value out of these outstanding cables. Otherwise, save some money and go for the Cardas.