JPS ultraconductor vs. acoustic zen epoch, help

well, i'm new at this, and my system is nad c370, nad c542 cdp, psb image 6t. i want to upgrade from audioquest type 4, think i've settled on these two speaker cables, haven't heard either one, was wonderring if anyone has any experience with these, my budget for spk cables is about 250 - 300 dollars, anyone have any opinions on these or another brand? thanks
I've heard the JPS in two systems, one was all ATC the other was my mongrel of a system. Very nice, clean presentation. I liked them a lot, but have settled on some DIY cables.

As for the AZ, I've not tried these particular ones.

I think if cost is an issue, the JPS would be cheaper and very fine sounding.

You might also think about Chord cables.
Go JPS, there's no competition here. The AZ sounded really thin in the mids when I aud. them.
Good luck,
I use the JPS Ultraconductor speaker cables in a biwire configuration. They work well in combination with B&K amps and B&W N 805 speakers. I use them in 20 foot runs and the only problem I have noticed is that they are difficult to drive even with 225 watts per channel. Sound wise , very smooth , excellent bass and in my setup a little rolled off in the high end which is not a bad thing. I replaced some silver plated copper cables with the JPS over 5 years ago and never thought about replacing them. I guess that says it all. Hope that helps. I have not had the same luck with there power cords though.