jupiter beeswax paper foil caps

i recently had a pair of vtl deluxe 120's in for repair. i asked the tech to replace some caps, and he provided 4 jupiter beeswax paper foil caps in place of the stock caps.

i prefer these caps to the stock caps.

has anyone had experience with this brand of capacitor in the signal path ?
I'd be cautious about Jupiter caps in a warm tube amp. They're rated only to 110F(43C), as compared to 65C for most oil caps, and 85C for many non-oil constructions. If they develop DC leakage due to heat you may have circuit problems long before seeing evidence of melting.

There have been reports of Jensen PIO and Mundorf SIO (rated to 65C) failing in hot chassis, so be careful. Partly for this reason I use non-oil constructions like Mundorf Silver/Gold and V-Cap teflon.
thanks for the information. i called jupiter today. they will be manufacturing a higher temperature cap within about 6 weeks. i was told i could replace the ones i am using for the newer ones.