Just added an isoAcoustic Aperta sub isolation stand.

Just purchased this isolation stand for my JL Audio D-110 sub and very pleased w/the results. Better bass definition and tighter bass. Integrates very nicely w/my Aerial 5T's. I live in a apartment and the bass is now under better control. Easy to install just took about 5 minutes to install. 


Yep, an undeniable increase in definition.

After that surprising experience of placing my two subwoofers on old Morey Boogie Board foam I cut out some simple birch ply platforms topped with the old Board foam and using 5" ’extra soft’ casters.

Along with the ten inches off the floor and the welcome mobility it clearly reduced the transfer of acoustical vibration throughout our wood framed dwelling and the rattling of some of its contents.

Running the subs Auto EQ program there was a difference in some parameter settings along with a slight difference in the frequency waveform graphic. Defiantly worth the effort.


avatar: Gene Czerwinski (Cerwin-Vega)