Just got AQ Niagara 1200 ...

and WOW ... what an incredible difference this has made in sound quality! ... I am becoming a convert of power conditioning :)

Now I wonder if the following "upgrades" would make any further improvements:

- Power cord. Currently AQ NRG-Z3 to say AQ Thunder
- Power regenerator like PS Audio Powerplant as a Niagara replacement?

Appreciate advise.
The Core Power 1800 does not have the dynamics that the Audioquest Niagara units provide. I sold mine.

Thanks, @ozzy 
That's what I needed to hear. After wearing out my google search engine, every review I've read about the Niagara 1200 (and 1000) have nothing but positive things to say about it. 

Sometimes I feel like they're writing what I want to hear about it as it would apply to my system and tastes. 🤔

All the best,
Has anyone compared the AQ Niagara 1200 to the Shunyata PS8/Defender?  Similra price points.    
I love my Torus Power RM20 Plus! Tons of power and headroom and extremely black background.