AudioQuest Niagara 1200 vs 3000 vs 5000 for Sources Only

If I am only using a conditioner to connect a media streamer and a turntable, will the higher end AudioQuest conditioners perform better than the 1200?

I currently have my sources connected to the 1200, and yes, I hear a definite improvement compared to connecting the sources to the wall. Wondering however if the 3000 or 5000 will be even better, or do those models only help when connecting higher current power amps?


For sources get another 1200. Then plug all your digital gear and wall warts into one and all your analog gear, including TT, phono preamp, preamp into the other. Keeping them separate is usually your best bet rather than upgrading to a higher model with everything plugged into it. I have 3 separate systems and use this scheme on all of them. BTW one of my systems is using two 1000’s and result is wonderful.

Good to know, thanks.  My Diablo 300 is an integrated so I have no preamp.  With two AQ 1200’s, I’d have my TT plugged into one and my steamer plugged into the other. I actually don’t think this is necessary, since only one of these sources would be powered on at any given time.