Just listened to The Blue Nile

I've been auditioning some new cables and pulled out "Hats" by The Blue Nile. It's a favorite of mine and I hadn't heard it in a long time. Every song is so evocative, and the strings work so well with the rest of the music. It came out in 1989 and for me it just gets better...the new cables do help. I wish they had gone on to record more music.
I love "Hats" -- and The Blue Nile. Their follow-up, "Peace at Last," was released in 1996. It is another glorious record. It has more acoustic guitar, but it is still quite obviously the same band, with the same front man, with an equally fabulous bunch of songs. Fully eight years later, another album, "High," was released. If you love "Hats" and The Blue Nile, you've got to own this one, too.
(Earlier, of course, before "Hats," they released their first album, "A Walk Across the Rooftops." Get his one, too, if you don't have it.)
Finally, Paul Buchanan put out a solo album a year or so ago. The songs, almost sketches for songs, really, are so spare, so strikingly austere, that you might find yourself wishing he'd got the band together and made them into Blue Nile songs. Eventually, though, you might well find yourself loving them just as they are.
In other words, you've still got some great stuff to look forward to.
Have fun.
-- Howard
I heard them in concert once years and years ago. I believe that they recorded one additional CD.
A very high quality, but limited discography. Paul Buchanan came out with a very good solo album earlier this year.
Thanks Hodu. I actually found "High" and "A Walk Across the Rooftops" in my collection as well. I listened to "High" and yes it's another winner. I had been so stuck on "Hats" that I neglected the other 2 cd's. I will check out Mr. Buchanan's solo album as well. I could easily be a groupie, although it's a little late for that.
If you like the Blue Nile, you should pick up the new release, 'Mid-Air' by Paul Buchanan. He's their main songwriter and singer. It's on both CD and vinyl. The vinyl pressing is fantastic.
Both their debut album and Hats have just been released in remastered CD versions with additional tracks.

They sound a lot better than the original CD's.

The Paul Buchanan album is from this year-a pretty good record.
I noticed the 2 CD remastering of 'Hats' is being released on CD on Amazon later in January. It's rather pricey. Ben, can you tell me what these additional tracks are on Hats?
Disc: 2
1. Seven A.M.
2. Christmas
3. Let's Go Out Tonight
4. Saturday Night
5. Headlights On the Parade
6. The Wires Are Down - 'b' side to 'The Downtown Lights' single

The additional tracks on both discs are not particularly essential overall I would argue the remastering is...the best these records have sounded on CD
I appreciate you taking the time to do that Ben. I think I'll have to order that one.
The whole catalog is great stuff, the remastered cd's are excellent. The first two lp's are remastered and will be out 1/27 I believe.