Just sharing my excitement

Johnny R was over today to finalize placement of my Sig 2 CEs in my new home. I thought I had them dialed in pretty good but they sound even better now. No surprise. 

Thats not why I’m excited though. I’m excited because I gave him the deposit for my new Quatro CTs and codex!! My Ax-7e will be going to Ayre to get the high pass filter installed in a week or so. Speakers to arrive in 3-4 weeks.

Awesome!!! Congrats!  That’s my dream speaker. I have the cloth version Quatros and love them, but really covet that carbon tweeter. Like you, I had the hi-pass built into my preamp. (AtmaSphere MP-3)

again congrats
Wow I am extremely jealous but happy for you! The Codex and those Quatro CTs will sound spectacular. (As Wayne might say “we’re not worthy)
@bigboltz Thanks, I bet that MP-3 is an awesome pre. I've not heard it but I hear nothing but rave reviews of the AtmaSphere products.

@2psyop  Thanks to you too. Ever since I heard the quatro's I've wanted them. Recent changes in my circumstances made them "possible"; they're a stretch, but at the tender age of nearly 57 I decided why wait. To say I'm excited for their arrival is an understatement.
Oohh, what finish did you select for the Quatro's?

Seems like everyone is moving up to Quatro's, except me.😒
Though I have to say my Treo's are a perfect fit in my room. I really don't have the extra 2-3 inches in depth for the Quatro's, so I will move to the Sub 3's whenever my old 2w subs sell.
It’s a slightly custom finish called gunstock cherry.  It’s basically cherry that is stained a bit to look aged rather than what it looks like newly cut. 
freaking fantastic! I have heard Coda into ARC into Quattro CT at Randys in Santa Monica. Johnny will get your powered bass dialed in and man are you in for a treat w 11 bands of analog EQ.....ya man, excited aint the word...magnetic levitation comes to mind.
As I am sure you know Pete aka @ctsooner is running the Ayre integrated modified by factory for high pass and Quattros also !!!!
love it
Congrats. Audio excitement is real.
You couldn't be doing business with a nicer and more knowledgeable guy.
@tomic601 I know that Pete has quatro's. He is actually the guy that brought John to my attention. A few years back I had a system with bad synergy and commented about it here. He told me to seek out John and said he'd give great advice and help me get the most out of my budget and not just try to "sell me stuff". He was spot on.
I didn't know that Pete had an Ayre integrated.
@johnto Thanks, the excitement is definitely real. I am thrilled now, and I'm sure I'll be anxious soon...waiting to put the new system together. Then I'll be excited again when the day comes that Johnny is setting them up.
You must live pretty close to me. When can I come over and listen and what will we have for dinner?  ;^)
I guess that depends on how cute you are and whether your name is John or Sally. ;-)

Seriously though, I take it you mean you want to hear the Quatrod not the Sig 2 CE’s.

Funny as it is, I decided to also upgrade from the Ax-7e to the EX8 so that I can add better streaming capabilities as well as better digital connection to my Apollo CDP and Verizon FiOS.

Of course, I had to almost had to talk Johnny R into my spending the additional money. I’ve never ever seen a salesman who’s tried harder to give the customer the best bang for his buck, and not try to push their budget.
you might be first person running Quattro on the new generation Ayre....what synergy and probably the last gear Charlie had any hand in...miss that genius....but he put together a great team....they will do nothing but push legacy higher !!!!