Just tried a ARC 150M I am shocked there is not

more talk about the new Audio Research SS amps.I have been looking for a ss amp like this for ever. Great top end/ midrange to die for like the carys I have owned & the Bass ho the bass is tight tunefull & extended.
Possibly because ARC has been making solid state amps with tubes in them for the last few years ;^)
i bought the 300.2 when it came out.i hyped it up but nobody replied.i am glad someone else has found out how great the amp is. digital switching amps are going to make transistor hi powered 8-10k [krell,bat] mega juiced amps obsolete.
I thank your right Rmdh I do not thank there is a amp in the 8-9K that would be mutch better if at all than the ARC 150M or the 300.2 & I have had a lot amps in my home. And for $1800 I can turn it in to a 600 watt pure ch monster.
get anaconda alpha or python alpha power chords for the amp.you will be amazed