I'm shocked

Despite my cynicism of anything I read in Stereophile I decided to follow up on their recommendation regarding the first generation of Sony Playstation 1s.
After a long search I got one for $15.00 added a HiFi Tuning Fuse, an upgraded power cord and used JPS Labs Superconductor FX interconnects and burned it in for 5 days. My spouse likes it even better than my Rega Jupiter 2000 which we both like quite a bit. And, in most respects I have to agree even though it's using somewhat lower quality interconnects and power cord than on my Rega. It is a pretty amazing CD player.
Anyone else try it?
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I just got one but haven't let it burn in for 5 days yet.How did you upgrade the power cord? Where did you get one for $15.00. That was quite a find.
Is there a difference between playstation 1 and playstation 1s? I am considering giving it a try. Tks.
Jig: I purchased a PS Audio Power Punch with the C7 recepticle to fit the PS1 from Audio Advisor for $49. Not the most sophisticated AC cord but significantly better than the stock cord. The $15. is a steal and I am so impressed with it as a CD player I've searched for more and have found a few at used game stores for about $25. But it is difficult to find the correct model (SCHP1001). My guess is the best places to find that old model are flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales since most game stores have the newer models although they're worth a phone call to inquire. Let me know how you like the PS1.

Wepratt: There is only one Playstation 1. I used the 's' to speak in the plural. Sorry for the confusion.
You'll find lots of info here:

It seems important to find certain early model numbers.
its for real. minimal bass but the top end is smooth. It is one listenable player. Not audiophile in your face but listen and relax. I too have the power punch and fuse. I did not listen without those upgrades so dont know how much help they are.

You must get a 4 dollar remote of ebay though
Sandy Gross of Def. Tech. used it to demo his
new STS supertowers as you'll see in the new
Stereophile. It cost him $25.00.
JA actually loved it...along with the DefTechs.
Jgiacalo or others: is it really true that the only model that does the trick is SCHP1001? I would assume that there are many other PS-1's out there. Is it that different?

Thanks, Peter
The SCHP1001 is the only one with the RCA audio output jacks. Subsequent PS1 models omitted the RCAs.
Jgiacalo : the remote just plugs into the front slot. It will do pause and skip forward and back. Just search ps remote on ebay. I think they are labeled for ps2 but they work on the one also
I bought a 9001 at a garage sale for $15.00. True it only has the composite cable but this little thing is fantastic.It images well,has plenty of bass,and has a very sweet non CD sounding treble.Top loading for $15.00!
I am looking out for a 1001.
The remote can be used for play/pause,tracks,and fast search or rewind.Only thing it doesn't have is a readout for tracks. I assume that if you connected the video you could see the tracks on the TV.Not bothering.Too busy enjoying one of the best CD players I have heard.
I owned the US $7K Dynastation Dynavox II cd player which is based on the PS 1 but uses a trick NOS Tube output stage and tube rectification for the analog output. Absolutelty the BEST single box player I have ever heard or owned and that is a LONG list including playes and separates costing up to $30,000.00.

The only thing I thought was better was my Mac Mini feeding my Bidat and even then it was VERY VERY close with the Mac/Bidat combo having just a bit more energy which could easily get into personal tastes.

Personally I liked the Dynastation more than the AMR77, however, the AMR 77 was NOT the latest version of the player and did not have all the latest "goodness".