KAB EV-1 record cleaner-what a pleasant surprise

I just bought a used KAB EV-1 manual record cleaner on the used market ($70 including a bottle of cleaner, padded applicator and a portable vacuum cleaner (Shark)). This machine is like a Nitty Gritty Record Cleaner model without the built-in vacuum cleaner, hence, the need for an external, hand-held one. I have never owned a record-cleaning machine before and have been thinking about getting one as I'm getting heavilly into vinyl again. I've been into this crazy hobby long enough that I was able to amass quite a few vinyl records (about 800 records) when the main playback in a given system was either a Rega 3 or Linn LP12. I eventually switched to digital player and really only went back to vinyl last year when I bought a Pro-ject Perspective and ended up getting a Denon DL-103 mc cartridge. Long story short, I'm back into the intoxicating world of vinyl and needed a decent record-cleaning machine without spending more than a couple of hundred dollars. Well, I ended up buying this KAB EV-1 that I didn't know anything about, but the seller said that I should give it a try given the price he was selling it for. I got the record cleaner today and after the first record....WOW!!!!! I was impressed!!! It works, it really works. For anyone of you out there in the market for an inexpensive record cleaner, this has to be on top of your shortlist!! Recommended highly. I am an extremely happy camper. Comments?
Here is a review I wrote on the KAB at Audioasylum:


It does an excellent job.

It's great to able to enjoy the special sound of music on vinyl, even more now that you can remove most of the noise. Good choice, great price, enjoy!
i just received my KAB EV-1 and cleaned 25 lps over the weekend. i use to do it the manual way, the way i use the unit is to clean side one on my old TT platter so not to contaminate with the other side of the lp the vac mat. i still use my disc doctor brushes and cleaner and distilled water. along with cotton wash rags for getting the heavy wash and rinse off. when side one is cleaned i use the vac of the unit and do side two on the EV-1. place on a dish rack and move to the next lp. saved me almost half of the time it use to take using my small shop vac with a attachment to vac. i highly recommended the EV-1. and KAB is a pleasure to deal with.

Stltrains .. Do you use your shopvac with the EV-1?

I have one on order and it says not to use a shopvac because they have too much power. I have a small shopvac 3hp (I think) and am wondering if that would damage anything? Seems to me the more suction the better (up to a point of course)

Also, are you saying that you do a manual 'pre-clean' before using the EV-1? I thought of doing that but I am afraid that it might just force some of the dust and grime further into the grooves.
Seems to me the more suction the better (up to a point of course)


Think back and review past experiences with *suction*. Just enough is just right. Just enough suction with slow movements is what works.

I have a Nitty Gritty Record Doctor II and use it just for final drying of already rinsed records. I use a Groovmaster to wash and thoroughly rinse my records with water. That way the Record Doctor's velvet pads do not get contaminated. The Groovmaster (available from eBay) is a fantastic device.


Thanks Psychicanimal ... I will look into the Groovmaster ... looks like a nice economical option for getting the initial layer of grime up and keeping the vacuuming appliance clean.

I have been cleaning my thrift shop finds in the sink with water and a dash of dishwashing detergent, using my fingers to rub the solution in a circular motion around the record and drying with a clean rag. I can't say that it has made a great difference in reducing crackles and pops. It dawned on me that I may be forcing some of the dust and grime further into the grooves with this process. So I ordered an EV-1 hoping that the vacuuming action will do a better job.
Stoneface i use a small shop vac with absolutely no problems. you will love the ease the KAB-1 has in LP cleaning, dont know if you saw the other post on this but i clean the first side not on the KAB-1 to not contanimate the vac brush. i use disc doctor fluid and brushes, good luck in the wonderful world of vinyl. mike