KAV250cd vs KPS 20i

I am currently using A kav250 cd player that i enjoy very much, I have an opportunity to get a kps20i at a reasonable cost. I am not very familiar with the kps unit an am looking for some help in my decision.
I can't give you any info regarding KPS 20i , but have owned KAV300 cd for about 6 months and absolutely love it. I definitely feel it to be a significant improvement over KAV250. Also for what it is worth, I spoke to a customer service rep at krell when making my own decision and he spoke very favorably about the KAV300 despite fact that it has been discontinued. Good luck.
I have a KPS20i now and have had a 250cd about 2 years ago.
I have not had them side by side though, but still think
the 20i is the better CD player. You can ask Krell online
about which one is more refined also.