KC Symphony Recordings

I attended a preview recording session of Saint-Saens works including the organ symphony on june 19 in Helzberg Hall at the Kauffmann performing arts center in kansas city. Keith johnson of Reference Recordings came out before the final piece (organ symphony) to adjust the microphones. The concert was impeccably played , the organ was spellbinding, and the acoustics the best I have ever heard ANYWHERE! It was an incredible evening and I will be anxious to hear the final product when it is released. Anyone else attend this?. Any comnents on previous Reference Recordings of the KC Symphony?
I wish, I saw the Hall on TV and is a very impressive space,the few people I know that have lived in KC uniformly sing its praises.
My Dad has season tickets and loves the new space. We took a tour a couple of weeks ago...it is spectacular: http://www.kauffmancenter.org/
I wasn't there, but after the concert (prior to the sessions) the Symphony's CEO got on the phone exictedly and declared "This will be the best recording of this piece EVER!" Cross fingers. --Tam Henderson, Reference Recordings
Thanks Tam, I can't wait to hear the finished product as all of my recordings of the organ symphony leave a lot to be desired.