Keb Mo

So, when I was reviewing audio equipment this was always the first song I’d play once the equipment was burned in. It’s dynamic, it’s got depth, clarity, diversity, and it absolutely pointed me in the other directions I needed to go with other listening material. Plus, it’s just damn fun to listen to. Keb Mo is awesome. This version sounds like crap BTW. Gotta go to Qobuz, etc. to get a good-sounding version.


I saw him a few years ago at a small venue in Dallas. Just him and a few other musicians on stage. It was the most delightful concert I’ve ever experienced. It was very relaxed, not loud and almost felt like an impromptu performance. Many years ago I had a similar experience at a Taj Mahal performance where I had the pleasure of meeting him.

I interviewed him back in the 1990's.  Told him that I think he needs to record an album with Cassandra Wilson.  I think the paring would be magical.

That whole album is great. I used “A Better Man” on my demo disc. Another great one also produced by John Porter is Taj Mahal’s “Señor Blues”.