Keeping a Peachtree Nova 300 Cool

Recently acquired the unit and have noticed that the unit runs quite hot contrary to what I've read about class d amps operating temperatures. I want to leave the amp on when not in use, so I have an Aircom Acinfinity cooling unit sitting over the vents on top to draw heat out. Will keeping this unit cooler than it's normal operating temperature be detrimental to sound quality or it's longevity? I've read of quality issues with these amps, it seems alot of them are related to turning the unit off and on, so I would prefer to leave on unless doing so would be detrimental by running it with lower operating temps.
No problem with turning the amp off when not in use! Won't affect sound quality - contrary to what the neurotically obsessed will claim! And using a cooling fan will not harm the amp either!
If you are that worried about reduced life by on/off cycling use the fan and leave it on 24/7. No effect upon SQ!
Thanks roberjerman, That's how I'm leaning, will be leaving on unless i'm going away for more than a day.
I had the NOVA 150 and it never got hot. You may want to contact Peachtree and ask about the high temps you are seeing. I had a speaker binding issue with my unit. They gave me a brand new unit and paid return for my old unit.
yyzsantabarbara, I emailed the company about the heat right after I received it,the 300 has a much bigger power supply that you can see in side by side pictures of the 300 and 150 which would explain the increased heat of the 300
big_greg, this is the one I'm using, I leave it on low, seems to do a good job and it's very quiet.

That's pretty cool (pun intended).  Definitely better looking than the ones I used.