KEF 104/2 Ref: Needs new crossover and drivers

I was wondering if anyone knows a place/person where I can purchase newer/better drivers and crossover for these KEFs. Your help is appreciated. Thank you
Why? If they are working OK, you are unlikely to improve them by swapping drivers and networks that were not designed for the particular enclosures. If they are not working, your best bet for performance integrity is exact factory replacements.
Amen to kr4's comment. A great loudspeaker when working as it should, and a hard speaker to hurt if not abused. Unless all the drivers are damaged, I don't see how it could even be cost effective. What is the extent of the damage?
Some of the drivers have some rot, but as you all know these speakers are remarkably veiled in their presentation. I understand that generally speaking replacing drivers are not recommended. But I was hoping to use an updated driver from KEF with a crossover made specifically for the newer driver, using better parts. The speaker is for my spare room and instead of selling it, I was hoping to improve it's sound. I have some SET tube amps that are remarkably reveiling of any equipment up or downstream.
I used to have a pair of thes and it was very hard to let them go. I would suggest that you redo the internal 8 inchers with new cones/surrounds, leave the two 5 inchers alone as they are actually glued to the speaker plate. I had a buddy put a silver cap on my tweeters in my pair which helped with a little better high end detail. Rewire the tweeter and woofers (if possible with better wire (like AQ CV4). Those tweaks would be worth the money. Short of that, sell them to someone who will appreciate "upgrading" to your old ones and buy small monitors for your den.
You might write KEF, but I doubt they would be much help. Madisound or someone like that might be able to offer some help, but I really don't see how you would gain that much without going to great expense. And as far as being veiled, compared to what? Considering what it should cost to redo the surrounds($100 or so) there is still not a lot in its price range used that could do a better job. I am with Nholcomb on this one, if you no longer like,sell, a lot of others out there will appreciate the value. Send me a price if you do.
Thank you all for your responses. Unfortunately I can not sell them as they originally belong to my wife and she won't let go of them.....go figure