KEF LS50 Wireless vs Alternatives

I’ve been using the LS50 W V1 for a few years (after giving up on the thin sounding passive LS50).  I’ve run it with external low end streamers (ifi, Node 2i, Cambridge) to avoid relying on the KEF apps. I’ve tried numerous eq settings to tune it to my room and my SVS sub. Music source is generally streaming through LS50 internal Dac or Schiit Bifrost 2 Dac. 

I love the detail and clarity and have tamed the brightness. Low bass is also good as augmented by the sub. The problem for me is that there is a leanness in the lower mids that I can’t fix. My previous systems (all low end but appropriate to my budget) have included Audio Refinement, Musical Fidelity, Creek, Nad and other amps with Thiel PCS, Dyn 140, Fritz etc speakers. These systems all had a fuller upper bass and lower mid region that I find important for listening. This is especially noticeable with good piano recordings. The LS50 is more detailed and the images are more precise than with any of my other attempts, but the voices, instruments etc sound small… with no body. In spite of that, I always return to the clarity of the LS50 W setup. 

So I’m considering one more try to find clarity with fullness… on a budget in the used market. I’m  leaning toward Dynaudio Special 40s (I really like the house sound and fullness) with something like a Ragnarok integrated. The other option is the LS50 W ii (maybe the upgraded power and DSP will fill in the sound). 

So I’m looking for input from others who have traveled a similar path and found success (or failed). I’d like to keep any discussion focused on my rather narrowly defined issue. I’m not unhappy with the level of audio performance in my very limited price range, and not going to enter the arms race. Just looking to decide whether to stick where I am now or try yet another parallel path. 

Thanks in advance for any insights. 


I had a LS50 Meta passive with the KEF KC62 sub in my 12 x 11 x 9 (+ 4 feet in a closet where I stuffed a desk and computer monitors). I needed to use acoustic treatment in the room to make it work. Once done the sound was great with various amps but the best had to have at least 100-watts.

I gave the LS50 Meta to my nephew and got the cheaper Magnepan LRS+ speaker ($999) + KEF KC62 sub. I place it 3 feet from the front wall and now have an incredible wall of sound. The sound is much bigger and fuller than the LS50. The LRS+ is easier to place in some respects because I think the first reflections are not as big an issue with the LRS+. The sound is rather coherent and with a very powerful amp, a sub may not be needed.

The only issue with the LRS+ is that it needs a lot of power, way more than the LS50. The following amps will work:

  • Peachtree GAN400 (a tinge of hardness on top end, but a great value, about $1000 used)
  • Sanders Magtech (incredible with LRS+)
  • CODA #16 (incredible with even more bass than the Sanders)

My Sanders may go up for sale. I will figure that out next Friday after a listening session with a friend. I have 3 amps and only need 2.

I will test out my 100-watt Benchmark AHB2 amp with the LRS+ soon. I expect it to sound good but not play that loud.

There are some online reviews that compare the LS50 with the LRS+.




Thanks for sharing your experience. I love the sound of Maggies in general… not a viable option for me due to room size and configuration.  I’m probably locked into stand type speakers. But it’s helpful that you appreciate the added fullness (which is what I’m missing) of the LRS. 

Of the Dyns vs KEFs I’ve had I would agree the Dyns will be waay fuller sounding than the KEFs and have a way stronger mid bass but not as much detail overall. 

I don’t know for sure but guessing the Wireless2 will be probably better but more of the same to what you have now.