Kef R11 meta good pairing with Rotel RB-1552mk2?

Considering getting the Kef R11 metas. Would a Rotel RB-1552mk2 be a good pairing with these speakers?  Thanks in advance!


It will work, but you might not get everything from those speakers with that amp. The KEF’s are 4 ohm speakers and typically crave power. While the Rotel states it is 4 ohm stable, it is conspicuously missing a wattage spec for 4 ohms which tells me it will struggle with impedance dips. Ideally you want wattage to double when impedance is halved, but plenty of decent amps don’t achieve this and still sound good. Not publishing that spec is a bit of a red flag, especially when considering a speaker that is rated at 4 ohms nominal impedance. 

@tgstaples Yep, I noticed the 4 ohm spec was missing too.  Kinda odd.

Yep. While I do not rate amplifiers solely on their weight, 27 lbs is a tad light for high performing 130 watt amplifier. Parasound is well liked, there are a couple A21's out on USAM in your price range. One of these will handle the KEF's easily.