Kenwood KR-10000 III questions

An acquaintance is liquidating his father’s estate and asked me to look through his record collection.  While there I discovered a Kenwood KR-10000 III; the acquaintance says it is fully operational, but I was not able to test it at the time. He has asked me for help in selling it.

Vintage electronics is really not my thing, but I thought someone on this forum might have suggestions where to start.  I will of course plug it in and hook some speakers up, check for wear and tear.  The receiver is located in Southern Maryland, so I could approach dealers in the DC area.  Or are eBay/Reverb/Audiogon the best options?


Anything else I should consider, either for testing or selling?

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check hifi shark for pricing $1K to 2K depending on condition and testing-old caps?

Thank you.   I saw the $1800 sale (marked down from $2900), as well as the (Belgian?) sale for €3000.   Having little experience with vintage stereo equipment, and not thinking of Kenwood as a high-end brand, I was surprised.  

I’ll be speaking with my acquaintance soon and will test the unit out.   I’ll of course try to open the case and check the caps.  Maybe even give it a basic cleaning with some canned air and q-tips.