Kharma CE1 LE vs Avalon Eidolon

The avalon is always my favorite. In fact, one of the few dynamic speakers that I can live with. I live with an ESL for too long I guess. I am ready for a pair of new speakers but the avalon doesn't allow me to use my SE Triode amps(23W-35W). I have listened to Watt/puppy, thiels, hales and the utopias. None of them works for me. The utopia is good in many aspects but not musical enough and less the presentation of a ESL speaker.My question now is, is Kharma as good as the Avalon? Any other suggestions? I don't have a kharma dealer nearby so finding a chance to listen is kind of difficult.
if you're really compelled to keep your set amps and have the means to afford speakers in the $20k range, i'd suggest you listen to the tannoy churchill. not quite up to eidolons but you can drive em' with damn near anything and place these monsters even in the near field with a full sound spectrum. plus, they're pretty cool lookin', at least IMO. -kelly
Sorry if this response is not directly on point, since I only auditioned the Kharma 1.0 and not the 1.0 LE.

I bought the Eidolon over the Kharma 1.0, though it was a close call. In the end I had a decent deal on a demo Eidolon and so the choice was made for me.

I was unable to listen to both the Eidolon and the 1.0 side by side, or even with the same electronics on the same days in the same room. So it is difficult to really make a definitive relative judgment between the two.

However, there is no question the Kharma 1.0 sound great with tubes. I auditioned them with various Lamm amps and they were excellent. Of course they did not delve into the bottom like the Eidolon can, but IMO the midrange and treble were in the same league as the Eidolon, even if IMO the Kharma were not better in these areas.

I do not think you would be disappointed at all with the Kharma 1.0, let alone with the 1.0 LE.