Kharma Exquisite 350 monos

Has anyone heard the Kharma Exquisite 350 monos? Would love to get some opinions. I have a pair of SF Strads...currently considering Gryphon Antileon and Wavac 833 1.3. Thanks!
I own these babies 2 years now (replacing Lamm M1.1 mono's).
Flawless performance, that makes you forget technical issues, so you can focus on the music.

thanks for the reply! may i ask...what is your system, and any thought on my system and how these might fare? i am a big tube fan, but value the newer tube models which have trended slightly towards the more detailed end of the spectrum. Zanden DAC, CJ ACt 2 Preamp, SF Stradivaris and Transparent Ref XL Cabling with PAD Dominus PC. thanks for any help!
My system: APL NWO 3.0 GO-SE, Bent NOH passive, Kharma 350 and Kharma Exquisite Mini's. Cabling: Kharma Enigma and PAD Proteus.
I don't see a reason why the 350's should not perform in your system.