Looking for an inexpensive low power amp with exquisite sound

I have an itch to combine an Axiom II Passive Preamp with an inexpensive, low-power but exquisite-sounding amplifier. 10 wpc should do it, tube or SS. $1000 or less for the amp would be great; $2000 or less might be OK too. Any bright ideas or experience out there, contrarian or otherwise?

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Try to find a used Dennis Had single ended amp...I've owned a "Firebottle HO (High Output)" for a couple of years now and it's astonishing...only 4 tubes so it's cheap to maintain.
I found an Audio Assembly SET 300B (by Sonic Frontiers) for $750, upgraded all caps and resistors (I also splurged on EML XLS 300B tubes that were well worth the price of admission), but this amp is amazing. The extra spent on the output tubes is not necessary, but very worthwhile.

The old Forte solid state amps sound great for the money. They usually sell for around $500 and were designed by Pass. If you don't want to deal with old equipment, Audio Advisor has a Nuforce STA200 amp they are selling for $500 that is getting some good press here. 
I agree with tomcic601 the RM-10 is a great choice and works great with passive preamps. I run mine with W4S STP-SE into Reynaud speakers. Designed by Roger to drive his personal Vandersteen 2C speakers which it did with my 2CE Sigs with ease. The Nuprime badged Job amp is also a really good amp and a bargain. I could hear no difference between it and the Job 225 it was based on. There is one for sale for a good price on US Audiomart now.

+1 for The Nuforce STA 200.  A steal at $499 on Amazon.
Read review in Absolute Sound.
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try also Bottlehead on Baibridge Island for a fantastic and fun kit amp in Tubes...slightly under $2K

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If you can stretch your budget, I fully endorse the Valvet. I'm running their mono blocks myself and they are wonderful amps!
Maybe not "equisite", or too mid-fi, but the new Schitt class A amp to be released early next year should prove interesting.