Kharma Midi vs. Sonus Faber Stradivari Amati

In the next few days I have to decide between Sonus Faber Stradivari (or Amati Anniversario) and Kharma Midi Exquisite. I have heard Sonus in my room and know exactly what they can do there. I loved musicality of SF, yet I have read rave reviews on Kharma. If anyone has listened to both of them and would like to graciously contribute some thoughts, it would help me a great deal.
I'm mainly curious if I would lose that musical aspect of presentation that is easily available with SF.
Larryi sez
(Having) heard Kharma speakers in two home systems (the result was) a strange combination of dry, antiseptic sound and dynamic lifelessness
Actually, my experience in a nutshell with all but the "Grand" with the diamond THiel & partner whistle on it. This one excelled: music for spectrum analysers.

I'm sure there's more to these spkrs than this. But the sound was uncannily like what Larryi notes above.
When it comes to Kharma's,the partnering amp is ALL important.The Lamm's,by far,are the best I have heard on them(I do not own Kharma).This combo really IS superb,but you really have to be careful.I'm not wild about the Kharma amps,but that is only my opinion,which means "nada"!Don't rush to judgement,too soon.They can be superb,like so many other fine designs.
Hi Kops thanks.My electronics are tenor hp300 monos,firstsound pre,kondo ksl dac,cec tlox transport.What are yours?Is the new sonus faber elipsa the same design as stradivari in a smaler way?
Ertugrul yes the new Elipsa is a smaller Stradivari in shape and the colour of Cremona. Different tweeter, different midrange-a new one with paper and wood fibers exclusively for Sonus for one year and one woofer exactly the same as Strads.

My electronics are from Plinius and Cary but are in transition for something more powerfull.
Definitely,i'll go with the Stradivari.i own those speakers since 4 months and after a careful listening to the Kharma the Magico m5 and the Wilson W/P 8.
the Stradivari replaced a Meridian DSP6000.