Kharma's 3.2FE or Reference 3A Grand Veena's

Time to move up the chain and this are my final 2 options after taking a long auditioning tour.

The Kharma's are incredible, simply stunning almost perfect in all regards, but something tells me to go to the others as I remember the sweet and lifelike midrange of the R3A's.

This is by no means a cheap expedition, the kharmas retail for 10,000 euro and the Grand Veena's for 8,000 euro, so I have been very cautious in selecting, auditioning and comparing specs.

Now I turn to you, does anyone have experience with any of the 2?
I would think the first topic of discussion would be Room Size..The Kharma does have limitations in this area,..I would think if you have a rather large room ,it would eliminate the 3.2 Kharma..Cetainly no disrespect for the Kharma ( being I own and love them.. )........
Ceiling is 3.2 mts (10.5ft) from front to back wall i have 6mts (20ft) and from side wall to side wall i have 9mts (30ft). Are there any doubts the kharma's will fill my space?