Kimber Monocle X vs. XL vs. 4TC

I'm currently using Kimber 4TC with my Thiel 2.2 /ML 27 combination. I'd like to get more instrumental separation and clarity (I'm primarily a classical music fan). Will the Monocle X give me a significant improvement (I know, what exactly is 'significant')over the 4TC, or will I have to go to the XL? (Anything much more exepnsive than the XL, like the silver cables, is over budget right now.)
Sorry - I have idea how this got up here a second time! I certainly didn't click on 'New Thread' a second time. Suggestion to the Webmaster: Do as many chat rooms do, and allow the original poster to delete a message they have put there, at least as long as there are no replies.
I have 8TC, which is close to Monocle X. Monocle XL would be preferrable if your power amp has a very high damping factor (over 500). IS THIS A MARK LEVINSON AMP? You'd probably like the XL better, because there's more conductor in parallel, to let more of the dynamics through...
Thanks for the info. Yes, it's a Levinson 27 ... . Don't remember what the damping factor is, 'tho I it may have been stated as >200 - will have to check the manual.