Cardas Neutral Reference or Kimber Monocle XL or..

I am looking to upgrade my speaker cables and have been considering purchasing either Carda Neutral Reference or Kimber Monocle XL. From my research, these cables tend to have many of the same characteristics. Any suggestions? Any other cables I should be considering? Unfortunately, the cables must be 25' long.

Cal Audio transport
Theta GenVa DAC
Bat VK 5i
Bat VK 60
Talon Khorus X
Interconnects - Cardas Neutral Reference and Digital
Power cords - Caradas Golden Reference

Thanks for your input.
I suggest the Cardas in a balanced (XLR) configuration. It is a truly balanced approach; the Kimber may not be.
Have you heard either of these cables? They sounded completely different to me... If not don't go on others "research", all reviews have far too much personal bias to be taken at face value IMHO. If for some reason you can't audotion I suggest the Cable Co. They have a library opf cables which allow you to buy from them, try them out, and if it doesn't work out return them for credit. Great resource, but the prices aren't as good as here and 25' may be tough to come by. Or if paying retail isn't an issue try aout Audio Advisor, big selction, generous return policy, but again, retail pricing.

Neutral Ref (TO ME) is a little on the bright side, or depending on your point of view dead neutral (which to me sounds bright). With the tube gear you may like it.
The monocle XL had better timing and was more forgiving at the upper end with a fuller bottom. I would go with Neutral Ref in your case, but again, that's me.
Happy listening!
Gee, mine was a stupid answer - apologize for brain fade. Try
for a discussion of long speaker cables and a possible solution.
owning a pair of talon khorus non x , i once asked mike,
the owner of talon audio, which speaker cable i should use,
and he explicitly recommended the kimber monocle xl...,
i tried to get a used pair here on audiogon for the longest while but failed, i just purchased a pair of analysis plus oval 8 though ...i believe they can do the job just as well..
enjoy the music
I have been delighted with what the Empirical Clarity speaker cable has done for my system-I feel the design of the cable is unique and would work well in most systems