Kimber Palladian power cord vs. Non Palladian...

I have 2 Kimber Palladian PK10 power cords. I love them. I'm curious, has anyone compared the "Non Palladian" model to the "Palladian" cord? The wire and wattegate plugs are the same. The difference is that mysterious foot long "thing" in the middle (and about $700 new)

I've compared the Kimber Palladian to FIM Gold, Shunyata Python and Trans Ref xl. I like the Kimbers alot.

Just curious, thanks.
I am using three PK10 Palladians and 2 PK14 Gold power chords. In my Accuphase/B&W N800 system, the Palladians exude more control, particularly at the extremes, as well as a more solid and pronounced bass foundation. They are definitely worth the extra expense. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime investment.
Regards, Andreas
That "thing", it looks like a giant burnt bratwurst with a cable running through it. I've wondered what that "thing" is made of and what it does. I've read nothing but good things about the cable, even HP likes it. But no one has ever explained the "sausage" adequately which begs the question; does anyone know?
I'll try slapping one on the grill tonight and see what it tastes like!

It's heavy and hard. Feels almost like Ferrite, but you can tell it's a cast material. Maybe something like Purist's Ferox or Shunyata's stardust acting as a filter of somesort.
What about the non-Palladian cords? Who can detail how they compare, say the PK10 Gold, to other $300 or $400 cords?
If the 2 cables are identicle except for the "sausage", then that's one expensive "sausage" figuring that its cost is the difference between the 2 cables. Even more reason to have some minimal understanding of the "sausage" function.