Kimber Silver, Hybrid, or Copper....preference?

I have used all the KS series in my system with wonderful results. Both the old versions and new versions(more conductors) are excellent. After system changes and extensive listening have decided on the all copper KS 1011,1016, 1116,and KS 3033. I found them to be the most balanced and musical sounding of the bunch. The silver and hybrid worked great but were analytical or hi fi sounding in my system. Of course YOMV.

Your choices?

happy listening
I find the all copper select series too warm in my system. I use the KS-1136 in several places and they are anything but analytical or harsh...quite the opposite. They are airy, detailed without being harsh, excellent midrange liquidity and a tight bass. They are expensive but they are the best ICs I've heard in my system.

The KS-1121/1126 hybrid series is good with the KS-1126 being better as it has twice the silver but perhaps isn't as tight in the bass as the all silver select series.

I imagine the preferred choice of their select series is system dependent.
I have extensive experience with 1011, 1021, 1030, and 3035. My favorite IC is 1021, in my system it offers both qualities of the 1011 and 1030 but either alone is just too much for me.

Although, the 1011's I could live with easily.
I agree with Nick778 it is system dependent. The new copper versions KS 1116, KS 1016 matched with the 3033 gives my system a relaxed, yet musical sound without losing dynamics, or details. My next choice would be the hybrid. The all silver is in a league of its own. All are excellent one just has to find the sound and balance they are looking for.
I'm using KS-1130s in my system. If adding any of The Kimber products to a system results in a sibilant, analytic, or harsh sound: Rest assured the cable is simply revealing something elsewhere in the system. Transparency is Kimber's forte, and it just gets better as one moves up their line.