Kind of Wow and Flutter.

So, I'm listening to my 6 eyed copy of KOB  and became increasingly bothered by obvious speed fluctuations and began looking at my tables belt as an issue. I check the speed stability and everything seemed fine. Went back to listen and it was still there. 

I then tried my second table and again it was there. Can it be that both my tables have issues? I then decided to Google KOB Wow and Flutter and apparently this recording is known to have issues. 

I can barely stand to listen to it, hearing the obvious problem. I've heard that there was a recent post production correction of this. Anyone know of what vinyl copy I can get that cleaned up this issue?

Classic Records re-released this with a speed corrected side.

The new MOFI 45RPM BoxSet of this is fantastic. Not sure if they did anything to it, but it sure sounds superb.
The standard CD release was also speed corrected in the 90’s.

The original was a third of a semi-tone fast on side one I believe.

Not an annoyance to most listeners, I assume.

Strange that this was not widely known for 40 years!
Stereophile had an excellent write up and article about this very subject.
I believe it can be found in the archives on

IMO, this is the most pivotal Jazz album ever produced / released.
It is hard to imagine life w/o it...
I was always aware that the speed was off but the annoyance of wow and flutter has now come to light. I can handle something a bit slow or fast but shifting pitch is bothersome.

No my copies are not off centered. I thought I was going crazy and ruled our everything in my system, which is why I google it and I came across Steve Stones article, Read here

This set my mind at rest in regards to my system but now it makes it difficult to listen with out noticing it.
It's not a problem unless you let it become a problem.  People have been enjoying "Kind Of Blue" for more than half a century before Steve Stone declared it aurally flawed.  It may not be perfect, but so what!
You speak of this huge flaw yet every format had kind of blue.  What tables are you using.  Do you have heavy mass platter and speed controller?

I do have the corrected version lp and I don't remember it being that different.  Do you have any other Miles stuff how does that sound?

It is not  the best audiophile recording but it is one of the best jazz recordings of all time.

Enjoy the ride
Onhwy61 and tomwh,

I'm not being critical of KOB and I didn't say Stone's article was responsible for my search for a wow and flutter corrected version. If you read my ;post I had asked if anyone knew of what vinyl pressing I can purchase that has the corrections made.

What came first was my noticing it, ruling out any problems with my tables and then an internet search that verified the problem was with the original recording.

And yes, now that it notice it, it does make it less enjoyable, which is why I am searching for a corrected copy of this artistic masterpiece. If it doesn't bother you that is fine.

I'm not asking for you to burn your copies and shout from the mountain tops that the king has no clothes. I'm just in search of a corrected copy. 
KOB is not a perfect recording, like many blue notes.

The image of Bill Evans piano is ridiculously small, and on many versions the brush-on-drums can not be heard.

I have never noticed "wow and flutter"!