Kiseki Purple Heart vs Clearaudio Stradavari

I am leaning heavily toward purchasing the Clearaudio Innovation Wood/Universal 9 Tonearm, of which I was able to audition with the Clearaudio Stradivari.  It sounded wonderful but my heart was set on the Purple Heart which I have not heard, just hear people talk about it with such passion.  Not that I don't trust my own ears I just appreciate feedback from the community if anyone has experienced a direct comparison.
If you go the Purple Heart route, make sure to purchase it through a reputable dealer who stands behind their products and who will not pass you off to the manufacture if there is a problem. Purple Hearts had some quality control issues when reintroduced. 
You will have no such problem with Clearaudio. Their customer support at least in the States is first class which I can say from personal experience.
Appreciate your responses as always.  Makes sense to buy locally and get the Stradivari and support.  Just was so curious about obtaining the passion that people describe the purple heart with.  I'm sure either will sound great with my Maggies.
Xagwell, I know this thread is a little old, but I just purchased the exact combo you mentioned. I have a Clearaudio Innovation Wood with Universal 9 tonearm with VTA lift and a Kiseki Purple Heart NS. Still breaking in the cartridge with @ 10 hours on it so far.  I moved from a ZYX 4D. I've been a ZYX fan for years and this is my first non-ZYX cartridge in quite some time. Ironically, I moved to ZYX from a Kiseki Blue Gold Spot which was a considerable improvement. Trying something new and remembering the magic the BGS made I took a chance on the PH providing more magic than my ZYX which had great detail and dimensionality, but lacking a little soul. So far the PH hasn't convinced me and I'm waiting for it to achieve the level of sonic bliss mentioned in the reviews I've read. What did you finally decide on?