KLH Electrostats

I have a lead on a pair of these and would like to know if anyu of you have had any experience with them. I have seen them nor been provided with a price to buy. I'd like to be a little more educated before I contact the seller. Here is as much as I know:
2KLH Electrostatic loud speakers with transformers 24x3x70
If these are the Model 9s, I would take the nearest plane and hand the guy the cash, rent a car, and drive home with them.
This really going back to the hoary archives. I remember these speakers as polite sounding, a Massachusetts answer to the QUAD ESL. They look like Magneplanars. They often broke down, I guess they were hard to drive with the amps of the day -late 60s early 70s - I would proceeed with caution. People would run two pairs with big McIntosh amps to get higher sound pressure levels - they were grossly inefficient but had a "hard stop" level where they would start arcing...Apocryphal stories about grenading Phase Linear 700s...Hey, they might be cool as a conversation piece - try the Vintage section in Audio Asylum.
Thanks guys. The good news is the seller is local. He is second owner as the original owner left them when he sold the house! I am going to try to check them out Saturday. I'll keep you posted.
I'm not sure but I think these were often used in conjunction with woofer cones (Hartsdale(?)) to supplement the lower frequencies.
Unsound, those were 24" Hartley woofers. Hartley is still in business. There were anecdotes about peple installing these in the walls/floors of their music rooms, building brick enclosures, and so on. I'm not sure if you could still get service on KLH 9s these days, maybe from the Electrostatic Doc?
Ivanj, thanks. The old mind must be begining to slip. I 've heard stories of people cutting holes in their walls and standing bath tubs on end to facilitate cabinets for these woofers!