Klipsch Forte III verses Heresy IVs

I am considering buying some Klipsch speakers. Due to budget I can go Heresy IV or Forte III.  They say the Heresy  and Forte IVs have never better crossovers.  Can I get some input from knowledgeable Klipsch folks on how these two compare? Please keep the conversations limited to Klipsch Heresy & Forte. TYIA
Without subs? 100% the Forte III. The Heresy has no bass extension and needs subs. 
I owned the Heresy III,  really liked them.   I went to buy a soundbar for my daughter and saw the Heresy IV sitting there and had to listen....  then I listened to the Forte III and wanted to buy but they were out of stock.   

I ended up getting the Forte IV and it was absolutely worth the money.  Great speaker ....if you can be patient and get a used pair, or B stock,, maybe stretch the budget a little you will not be disappointed. 
Having heard both the forte iii and IV the IV is worth waiting for a deal on. The different crossover design/drivers make a big difference. 

I know you don’t want other speaker speaker recommendations but… it is audiogon lol, so… the JBL 590 is worth looking at. They list for $2000 BUT they are on sale from JBL every 3 months or so for 1/2 price. They have free shipping and a 30 day (maybe 60) trial. 

Not sure this link will work but you can download a review as a pdf here with measurements.

I know you asked that responses are limited to Klipsch but you might be limiting yourself. Two months ago I visited the mfg of Volti in Tennessee and heard his Razz which is designed to compete with the Forte. It has a much better build, better components, better crossovers. It is a wonderful speaker that you would NOT be disappointed with. I ended up passing on them because I believe they would be too large for my space but in my estimation you couldn't go wrong. I still second guess my decision.