Klipsch Heresy as fronts in 5.1 setup?

Has anyone used Heresys in this configuration and, if so, what are your thoughts?

I’ve got a 14’ x 24, drywalled-but-otherwise-non-climate-controlled-except-for-approx-30-hours/week metal barn that serves as a workshop/art studio. Current system ($99 special Sherwood 2 ch. receiver running long-in-the-tooth Bose 301s and 1990s Advent bookshelves, both of which are rattling).  I love playing with DSP settings with music (This won’t be for HT.) and am kicking around the idea of an HT receiver into some older-but-good-condition Heresys in the short wall corners (on a 38” height workbench) and some smaller Klipsch bookshelves up high in the opposite short wall corners angled downward as rear channels.  Listening tastes are all over the map but tend toward pre-2000 Rock, Pop, Blues, and Jazz.
Am aware of the tube synergy w/Heresys and would like to find an HT receiver that approximates that as much as possible.
Why not? I’ve yet to see an HT receiver, that doesn’t employ a wide variety of tone controls and ways to balance (as regards speaker locations/efficiencies).