Klipsch Heresy IV vs. The World!

Trying to balance my audiophile hobby with my marriage. My current system is built around Heresy IVs with Manley electronics. I've heard better speakers but none that offer a similar form factor. The Heresy are about 2 foot tall and blend in nicely with out low slung furniture in our open plan house. I love the sound of the DeVore o/93 and 96 but they are significantly larger/taller. Haven't heard the o/babys. I could add some fast little REL subs to flesh out the Heresy but open to suggestions. Does anyone know of a shorty speaker that offers world class performance? High efficiency a big plus as I love 300b SET. Thanks!


The JBL 4329 on their stands are about the same size. They don’t look as good nor I have I heard them but hearing the entire Klipsch line and owning the JBL 4367, there is not a doubt in my mind the 4329 is much better. A few pairs use on audio mart.

@ajelec the JBL 4349 seem like real contenders. Much less efficient than the Klipsch which limits amplification options significantly. And as you point out, not the prettiest. I've heard most of the heritage line and properly amped they are all pretty amazing preformers, especially the like of the Klipschhorn, that obviously much too big for my space. 

Yes just have to try them and see. Buy used, open boxes 40% off are not too hard to find either. Music direct has open boxes that are returnable but there might be a hefty restocking fee so read the details (I have bought from them without issue). I don’t care for the looks of the JBL, their grill is pretty bad too with old school pins. They sound fantastic though.

Keep in mind Klispch uses 1/2 space testing which is basically corning loading the speaker in a room when testing so take 6db off their efficacy rating. They are probably more like 93db not 99. It is a small foot note on their spec sheet.


so they are more like 93db not 99. The JBL is 91. So if the Klispch uses 5 watts (super loud by the way) the JBL would be using 6.5 watts.

for what it is worth I own a 90db speaker and a 93 db speaker and the meters on my McIntosh amp are basically in the same spot on both when listen (if those are to be trusted?).

Anyway I am only guessing on the 4349 but I chose the 4367 over the Cornwall IV even though it is a much higher cost.

the drivers in the 4329 are next level compared to most everything in their price range and honestly the duel diaphragm compression drive might be one of the highest tech drivers on the market.

both speakers have some measured issues. The 4349 has a hole near the crossover and the Klispch is pretty riddled with resonances through the entire frequency response, a little tipped up in the highs and rolled off in the bass.





Ah, good points. In recent comparisons I've found the DeVore 93db rated speakers to require significantly more drive than the theoretically 99db rated Heresy.