Klipsch speaker dropped from 4 foot stand - damage

Hi All -

Just joined this forum. I have been slowly building my system over several years. Ugraded my Denon receiver to an 887 for the HDMI input/outputs (still hate the remote).

I now have an all Klipsch Synergy speaker system - F1 fronts, C2 center (really big enclosure!), SW10, SB1's for surround. This is a very nice system for HT, with the new blueray player and 55" LCD. Pretty decent for music as well.

I was in the hospital several weeks ago when some new furniture was delivered. One of my daughters moved the right rear surround, thinking that the speaker was screwed to the stand (??) picked up the stand, tilted it and dropped the speaker onto the HW floor in the next room over - knocked a chunk out of the oak flooring ($$), damaged the top right rear of the enclosure, knocked off the Klipsch badge from the front as well.

When I got home from the hospital to recuperate, I wanted to watch some movies and DVD concerts - not knowing the speaker had been dropped I was shocked to hear crackling from the right rear surround - found out the story when my daughter came home from school for the summer last week she told me the sordid details. Upon further listening, in addition to the crackling, the speaker also seems to have lost most of the low frequency response. I don't see anywhere on the Klipsch site to get repair parts for the SB-1's and have not disassembled the speaker to see what was damaged.


What is the likely damage?

IS it possible to get replacement parts?

If not, what does anyone think about changing over to surround specific Klipsch Synergy speakers (ss-1 or ss-2's) vs. the SB-1's.

Thanks in advance for the help!

"What is the likely damage?"

The driver magnet has shifted or fallen off damaging the voice coil.

"IS it possible to get replacement parts?"

Why don't you CALL Klipsch and find out.
Buy another pair on eBay probably least expensive fastest and easiest way.Just one example of many listed. (search)

Thanks for the responses.

I will add a note when I have contacted Klipsch.

As far as buying off of E-Bay - I cannot get myself to buy used speakers without auditioning them in person.
Buy SB1s from a seller with a return policy. This will allow an in-home, in-person audition. Gotta believe that the cost of used SB1s (or SS1/SS2) will be less than new replacement parts direct from Klipsch
If you buy on ebay and pay through payapl...You have 45 days to return anything for any reason..Odd but true..You simply hit the "item not as described button" on paypal site and whala..its a done deal ..Then all you have to submit is UPS tracking it was sent back..Its great for buyers but sucks for sellers...So there is no such thing as items sold as is or no returns on ebay anymore..