Klipsch subwoofer when powered on producing 'boo' noises continuously after short use

Bought from Amazon, and told from an unauthorized dealer and refuse to providesupport.

However, customer is following the Kliptch brand name, and from a reputable Amazon platform, - how can customer easily tell which one is authorized, even with trust of Amazon platform, and how can the unauthorized dealer get the product from Kliptch with a resale margin!? This is just absurd. 

Don't you think it's either Kliptch or Amazon that be responsible for regulating the market, and eventually it's still essentially Kliptch the company itself to protect and honor its brand credibility. this way you are damaging the Kliptch brand, market as well as trust of customer!

It's still Klipsch product within warranty, and NOT a fake one!


Are you within the Amazon return window? Otherwise return to a Klipsch repair center, and ask if it's a warranty repair. 

Did you get a hold of Klipsch and ask for a repair ticket? Did you register your product when you bought it?

Some dealers sell a line of repaired factory returns just like yours may be if they decide to just swap it out.

Make sure of what you buy when the price is to good to be true. A lot of the store returns are sold as open box or store demos if there is a mark or two..

Factory repairs are different. Some sell refurbished factory units with limited warrantees.


I didn't register the product 

I guess your thoughts might be true, unfortunately.