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Hi there I have been using Alan maher designs products for the past 4 months. Have any audiogon members used his products before? If so any comments ?

I  started of with 4 of his cbf 0hz at my circuit breaker side which later I added on with his pressure plate. Im mighty impressed with the results I am getting. The improvements is across the board in my audio setup and my LCD panel now looks like 4k !!. Next i used his fuse wraps and that took me up another level especially on my TV resolution(UK plugs). I have ordered more of his stuff (emi clamps, platforms, QPI) but as of now the products he offer seems to be doing so much more if you look in a price point of view.

There's so much of information that he shares in his FB post that has given me a good understanding about the reality of our electrical lines and how much of dirty power is running in our homes.
The man is ON to something, isn’t he!

I’ve been trying all sorts of his products out since discovering him on the web in 2010...almost a hundred different purchases and not one yet was anything I regretted.

Alan marches to a different drummer than everyone else in this industry (and possibly even in this hobby!), but eventually I’ve learned firsthand over the years to take every word that comes out of him as gospel, no matter how off the cuff crazy he may first seem - his products just continue to back him no one else’s ever do, really.

Currently, at last count, he’s been into my wallet for upwards of 10 grand...and I’ve loved every minute of it. My AMD investment is now well more than the cost of my setup, yet that’s made perfect sense all the way. But the dude is a juggernaut these days: he keeps coming out with more and more new cool sh@t to own that I just have to shrug it off that I can’t keep pace with what I can't afford...fortunately for everyone else, he makes a lot affordable and impressive gizmos as you’re finding out.

But yeah, for me?? System completely transformed - mind completely blown.
I have quite a few of his products and wish I had the results you two gentlemen are experiencing. I have the QPI Magnetic Waveguides, Quantum plug ins, Tricell EMI wrap and outlet pads and I can't say I notice any appreciable sound improvement. If they weren't so simple to install I might think I installed them improperly. I would love to have the results you are having, any suggestions? Could it be that since I'm using a WyWires PowerBroker and don't need any other power cleaning products? 
Hi mac, first off, I’d have to say that quite literally it would be an impossibility of physics that any power solution (no matter what it was or who made it) could be so sufficient that no further electrical noise reduction would be audible...that’s because noise (at the quantum level) is random and self-generating - wherever voltage is present, you have noise. For anybody’s method to work, in either direction, downstream or up, the effects of noise reduction fades as physical distance increases. The noise fades the further you go from the source and the noise reduction effect likewise fades the further you go from the noise reduction device. That’s why he makes so many different devices - to attack closest to the noise where it lives, at the various sources of noise in your home (fridge, HVAC, light bulbs or whatever your wanting to tackle). In short, noise is unavoidably all around us, nobody, not even Alan, will ever be able to get rid of All of it. And the reverse is true. Any noise reduction device you buy will make an audible difference. IOW, there is no such thing in this case as a point of diminishing returns. No matter how many noise reduction devices you have, you can always add one more and hear a difference.

But, there is a problem somewhere with your situ. Alan would prefer that a customer buy and Install his products in a particular sequence, at least in the beginning - where the power enters the home in particular. This, for lack of an easy, clear explanation for us here, sort of "guides", "chases" or "channels", if you will, much of the remainder of the bulk of the noise to areas further inside the home where other AMD devices can be installed to squash it most effectively. Buying his products more in a random fashion without this consideration may be the underlying problem here. It may not be that the existing AMD products that you already have are no good, it’s just that the process of the installation of the particular first few AMD products I describe needs to be followed (and quite thoroughly, frankly, since there are a number of points to be aware of, but Alan himself would be the best source on that - he responds quickly and fully to those questions, IME).

If you need more help from me, let me know.


Hi guys thanks for the response it's great to know I'm not one of the few audiophiles who are into his products lol!. I got to know about him when I was searching through the Web on dedicated lines and breaker panels. 

The more I read about his approach on dealing with "dirty" lines and emi/rfi the more I got sucked in to his ways. I have had numerous amount of discussion with Alan and like what Ivan said in a particular way of installing his products is what Alan told me too. It makes perfect sense to attack on areas that affects your electrical lines the most eg: fridge, washing machine, microwave, WiFi router. This is to minimise the dirt into your electrical lines which will travel back to your breaker panel and spreading to other circuits in your house.

He has a very systematic way of approach to treating your lines which I feel it's best to let him describe it when you ask him. In general I devided his products into two categories electrical noise and airborne noise. 

I too initially had a slight blip on installing his pressure plate over at my breaker panel. The TriCell plate was installed the other way round which did not seem to give the effect that was described by others. After looking through his fb post that's when I realised it was the other way round! Once I got it fixed that's when I noticed the change in my a/v system. 

 His products need some run in period so you have to have some patience during that period as things may sound closed in or out of phase but after some period of time everything will fall in place and better.

 I have yet to try his plug in products (QPI/TG mini/waveguides) which I have ordered. Only time will tell how will that fare at my place.

tjbhuler, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun with the stuff you’ve just ordered! The platforms will gobsmack you...maybe especially if you have digital as I do. It’s true about the adjustment time period for his stuff. Some of his things take no more than a couple weeks to come on song, and some others about a month or even more. The platforms (I now have 7, one for every component!) are said by Alan to settle in at 1 month, but I’ve found that everything does indeed sound glorious by then...all except for top-end HF detail which takes around 3 months to fully return (and Then some as you’ve noted), and even after that for a few weeks they continue to...I don’t know exactly how to put into words, really..."sweeten" just a little bit maybe??’s a very subtle thing, really, but also quite welcome.

Also, Alan's products will electrically "see" each other on the circuit (the home being one big circuit). As they see each other once installed, they will tend to audibly magnify each other's effects the more AMD devices you have. The more you install, the more effective each filter becomes...way cool!

Have fun!
Hi John just realised it's John and not Ivan lol. Wow you are using 7 platforms that's cool !!!. I will definitely be getting more platforms in future.

As of now I have ordered 1 active platform for my QB8 which seems to be the logical approach as that's where all my equipments power cables are hooked on. The platform cable itself using a spade lug will be connected to the grounding post of my QB8. Alan said that it will be more effective hooking it in that manner as in comparison to hooking up with an ac plug on an outlet.

Later will be slowly progressing to get more platforms for my other equipments and hooking it up to a custom ground bar that he makes.

Have you tried his magnetics line products ? Particularly the Magnetics inline add on power cable and the Magnetics QPS 4.0 ? I'm thinking of getting it but am still undecided which one should i start of with.
Hi TJB, no I haven’t gotten around yet to trying his Magnetics filters just yet, although that will happen at some point down the road this year, I think. I have a number of his Q-strings power cables (which are great), but will need 3 more pc’s before I’m finished building my system.

Mine is an EVS-modified Oppo 103 going into 3 Crown XTi-2 power amps that allow me to actively tri-amp into DIY open baffle speakers and a pair of ob Hawthorne Audio Silver Iris ("Augies") subwoofers from about 240 Hz on down. But I’ve yet to build a custom DIY preamp (just a distribution amp with a Goldpoint volume control, really) and later next year or so, add an EVS-modified Gustard X20 Pro DAC, then the system will be done.

Oh, I also have a TASCAM CDR-200 CD recorder that is a few weeks old. Placed for the moment on a 0 Hz active platform it is already making CD copies for me that noticeably sound **better** than the original CD(!), blacker background for one. Later on I will add a second platform on top of the TASCAM to increase the effect...after I do some major surgery on my equipment cabinet in order to accommodate the extra height required for the whole equipment stack. My gear is basically the kind that does not require top or bottom ventilation, the Crowns, for example, ventilate from front to back, so this lets me stack all the equipment I’m using vertically while sandwiching them each between a platform, with one platform on the bottom and the top of the stack as well - this basically doubles the filter effect on the audio gear of the platforms.Later on I’ll place a Tri-Wave filter on the top platform, to treat both the room And the stack! Until then, I also need to finish building my speakers and construct permanent subwoofer frames.

I’m really psyched and can’t wait, but I have lots of work ahead...! When all is finished, I will post the system on Agon.
Oh wow that's loads of work for you. Please do post your system would love to have a look at it. 

As for me I'm still awaiting for Alan's goodies to arrive. I too ordered the Tri-wave filter, please do keep me updated on how does it sound and where do you place it. 
Will do, for sure. 

You will likely have the Tri-Wave before I, so it might be a case of you posting for my sake first, lol.

@ivan_nosnibor @tjbhuler Hi guys, old thread same topic. Have either of you used the Alan Maher Ambiance Ethernet cable or the Maxwell QPI? 

I’ve used the older Alan Maher QPI devices, probably over 10 years old, and every time I take them out of my system they go right back in because they are so effective. 

I’m considering the two devices mentioned in the first paragraph above, especially the Ethernet cable. Any input is appreciated!

@txp1 Hi, although I still have my eye on a lot of Alan's products, I won't likely be in a financial position to order anything more for another couple months or so and I haven't ordered anything new for a few years now, so I have no experience with the ethernet cable or anything Maxwell yet, really. But my enthusiasm for the tech of Alan's that I already own has remained undimmed. Certainly looking forward to making another run with it: the new wrap, some CBF's, digital cables, yet more platforms and some other things as well. Maybe someone else can chime in with the experiences you're looking for...

@ivan_nosnibor Thanks for the rapid response!  Alan’s QPIs have been great in both my stereo and separate video systems. 

@txp1 i have been using Alan's Maxwell QPI and i can tell you theres a significant jump compared to his 0hz,aqua series..he has managed to combine few of his previous designs into an all in one solution..i can't comment much what he has done cause i dont know what is the contents of his maxwell qpi. But i can attest that his current Maxwell line has big improvements compared to his previous generations. As for the ethernet cable, sorry i have no experienced with it ..hope this helps :).

@tjbhuler  it helped!  I bought both the Maxwell QPI and the Ambiance Ethernet cable.  After they burn-in, especially the Ethernet cable, I may update this thread.  Thanks for the info!

Thats fantastic! Please do update on his ethernet cable will definitely wanna hear your opinion :)