KR Audio VA340 MKII vs Melody AN 845

Has anyone had the chance to listen to either of these integrated amps? Any opinions one way or another?
I have heard the Melody's little brother the AN 211 and it is a fantastic amp. The AN 845 is just now hitting the US and the only person that has heard it is the distributor Hugh at Angel City Audio. I know because he is bringing the AN 845 to a NorCal GTG in a few weeks. I think the AN 845, with it's fantastic active Pre amp section which is supposed to be superior to the Melody Pure Black 101, will be a very good amp. I have owned three Melody amps and the quality of all three was top notch both aesthetically and sonically.
I'm an AN211 owner it is a very good amp, which I think can be excellent once I get the stock 211 tubes out. From talking to Hugh, the AN845 is supposed to maintain most of the merits of the AN211 (delicacy, beauty, texture, tonality) but add monstrous bass to the equation.

The low end of my AN211 is not shy by any means, so I'm quite curious as to what the AN845 actually brings.

My prejudice would be towards the Melody (I also owned an MK88 immediately before this) but I know KR amps have a nice reputation.
This is my first post so pardon the amateur approach. I heard the Melody gear at RMAF 2012 (WOW) and purchased the AN845 from Hugh (Angel City Audio) at the show. The 845 replaced a Jolida 1000 CRC and it's driving a set of Von Schweikert VR-35s. The base is deep, tight and tuneful. The highs are beautifully extended, and the mids have a sweet liquidity to them. The 845 has less than 100 hours, so it's only going to improve. It'll be interesting to see where this unit will settle.
Sorry it took so long to respond. The AN-845 just keeps getting better. The sound is articulate. It is very revealing. Changes I've made upstream are instantly audible. I'm extremely happy with the piece.
To date, there are only 9 AN845 sold in The US so feedbacks here are all there is.
Thanks Nhocti,
I would love to try one in my system --nap poi lay be #10. Hoping to get an in home demo here in the Midwest...
I'm interested in this amp, but I'm not sure it will have enough juice to drive my speakers (Usher 718 DMD). Anyone driving 87 db efficiency speakers with the AN 845?
If the AN845 Integrated is as good or better than the Melody PB 101/M845 combo that I heard then it will be a real winner. The combination was absolutely stunning and competed with much more expensive offerings.
AN845 vs PB101/M845.
This is a test I'd like to conduct at the upcoming THE Show in Newport Beach, CA.
To date, I have heard both but not at the same time so I don't want to say which is better than which.
Nevertheless, at the last RMAF in Denver, we had 2 people who listened to PB101/M845 for a few minutes and wanted the AN845 due to their space constraint.
The end result is they both went home with their own AN845 and I believe they posted their impressions here in another thread.

Oh man! Why'd ya post that, lol? I was feeling warm and tingly about ordering the PB101/M845 (which is really too big for my space) and am now wondering if the AN845 is the better choice...

I too have a Melody AN845, purchased from Hugh last October after hearing it at RMAF. It is the centerpiece of my new office system and I couldn't be happier. This is my first foray into SET and in addition to its cool appearance, it really sounds great. I am very happy with it and the imaging in conjunction with Hugh's speakers is just phenomenal.
Anyone experienced the Melody AN300B? It received a couple of positive reviews, one of them over the top. Similar power, but push pull parallel 300B output tubes.
I hope so, Hugh. FedEx can't get here quick enough with my PB 101 and M845s!

Can't wait.
AN845 vs PB101/M845. Did you get a chance to do this comparison at the THE Show? I am still interested in this int. just not quite time for me yet... Not that I have heard the pre/mono combo either though.
Unfortunately not.
We're all out of stock on those so we only played P2688 & MN845 (150W/ch).
I'm looking to drive a pair of speakers that are 87dB into 8 ohms. Considering the AN845 vs the AN211 vs the AN300b. I love sweet, extended, delicate highs and SET magic. Big bass not important, though I do like dynamic punch, macro and micro. Trying to figure out which amp would likely be the best choice? I've heard that the 845s drive these speakers (Vapor Cirrus Black) with extreme authority, so wondering if the AN211s might have enough juice to do the trick? Or am I risking some dynamics at the expense of the AN211's truth n beauty at the top end?

Alternatively, I'm also considering one of the Line Magnetic 845 amps. Would be very interested in any opinions about the comparison with the Melody line.