Krell cast cables - Fakes, knock offs, counterfeit

I bought a pair of cast cables from a audiogoner a several months ago. Does anyone know if there is a way to know if they are fake and inferior? I sent an email to krell but I haven't heard back from them. I just got my system up and running again from 10 months ago (I moved and remodeled).
I seem to remember a little more detail before I changed to the longer cast cables. I bought them from Orpy22, who isn't an active member anymore.
Any help would be appreciated.
Regards, John
New acoustics, new cables and cold electronics could account for the difference and seems more probable then counterfeit cast cables. I wish I had more specific information regarding your question however I suspect it's down to one of three things (or a combination of all three).

1. New acoustics- you'll have to work on this.
2. Every time I've placed components and or speakers "on the bench" while playing with different speakers and components, I notice after I rotate them back in they always take time to open up to what I know they're capable of. I'm not sure how long you've had your system back up and running but this is a factor.
3. Your new and longer cast cables need to break in.

Happy listening,
All connectors should be the same Lemo sourced but the Krell CAST cable has the Krell mark on the cable itself.

The beauty of CAST theory is that as long as you make a proper connection, the wires in cable doen't affect the sonic since it is using current loop.

Thus, even the knock-off CAST cable should work and sound the same ;-)

Sorry, LM, but I don't believe and couldn't hear any differences in two year old CAST cable and a new pair...Just one man's opinion though.
No need to be sorry however a friend of mine has an all Krell Cast system with parallel sets of Krell and Transparent CAST cables. In his system and to our ears the Transparent CAST cables sound superior to the Krell CAST cables so assumed if different CAST cables sound different, then they probably also share similar burn-in traits with their more mundane RCA and XLR siblings.

I could however be wrong : )

It probably is the burn in time. I have only 30hrs on the system since I hooked it up again, plus I have new gear to boot. I'll re-evaluate in 3 or 4 months.
Leica man is right! I had an all Krell CAST system and the Krell cable is terrible; don't waste your money. The Transparent is superior. I think there are a couple other brands; I think it is either Tara or Siltech that are awesome too.
It's highly unlikely that there's enough of a demand for the authentic cables given the limited market to warrant energy being taken up in counterfeiting such cables.